Catch the Moment

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When it comes to nature’s most extraordinary moments, it’s all about timing. Discover your inner David Attenborough with these incredible ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ moments.


The Northern Lights, Canada

Best time to travel: Late September - March

Picture yourself standing on a frozen lake, north of the artic. You look up into the black sky. Up there are more stars than you could ever wish upon. As a gentle breeze blows, you know it’s coming. After all, The Northern Lights (aka aurora borealis) means north wind of the dawn. And there it is. The greatest light show on earth. Green and purples dance across the sky before bouncing onto the snow and ice. Time disappears as you are transported into a whole new world. Everywhere you look, you’ll be in awe. But for world class views, we recommend staying in Churchill, Manitoba.

Migrating Monarch Butterflies, Mexico

Best time to travel: November - March

As the warm days dwindle and the temperature dips in Northeast America, millions of Monarch butterflies leave their summer breeding grounds, never to return. So, begins one of nature’s most impressive migrations – a 5,000km one-way trip that ends in the mountains of southwestern Mexico. There, among the branches of oyamel fir trees, over one hundred million butterflies wait out the winter, clustering together for warmth and safety. Incredibly, there’s still a lot of mystery about why this event happens. And the answers may never be known. But for a moment, wrapped up in the beauty of it all, you won’t care.

March of the Penguins, Antarctica. 

Best time to travel: November- December

Leave reality behind and journey towards the most Southern waters on the globe. Your mission? To stand side by side with the world’s largest penguins as they begin their yearly march. Play your cards right with the young, fluffy penguins and you may even make a friend, before they slip and slide back to their families. The air will hum as the penguins communicate through song before they embark on their journey towards their traditional breeding grounds. Better than anything you’d see in the movies and worth every penny.

The Largest Elephant Gathering, Minneriya, Sri Lanka

Best time to travel: August - September 

Every year, in the height of the dry season, Asian elephants gather by the Minneriya Lake with one thing on their minds: water. Slowly but surely, as many as 300 elephants from different herds emerge from the surrounding forest and gather at the lake’s edge. They’ll graze on fresh grass, drink from the lake and playfully splash each other. The sheer size of the group is what makes this event an astonishing local phenomenon.


A little clever timing can capture fleeting moments and create lifelong memories. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits.