Family friendly trips

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Travelling with little ones. It’s the stuff of nightmares for new parents around the world. But don’t let the dread make you lose sleep before the holiday has even begun. Read these tips on how to make your next holiday as smooth and as memorable as possible.

Less is more
When planning your trip, especially if it’s your first time with little ones, keep in mind this will be a completely different way to travel. Gone are the days of ticking off every item on your itinerary on very little sleep. Plan to go less places, so you have more time to enjoy it as a family. Know that things are going to go at a slower pace. Add more time into just about every activity. A trip to Disneyland will need to factor in time for snack breaks and mini meltdowns and more snack breaks and … well you get the picture. 

Lift off
Don’t make flying scarier than it is. Observe these strategies and you’ll have that plane seat feeling like your kid’s bedroom in no time. The first is talking. Yep that old chestnut. Before you go, talk to your child about the whole experience of flying. Cover everything from checking in, to lift off, to landing. Then keep talking about what’s happening throughout the flight too. We also recommend trying to keep the same bedtime rituals you do at home. Bring along familiar books, toys, blankets and sing the same lullabies. Lastly, pack a spare change of clothes, especially if you have long haul fights. Flying can be unpredictable, so you never know when you or your little ones might need them.

Family holidays are expensive. There’s more mouths to feed. And a constant stream of activities that are going to cost you. Plan ahead, work out an approximate budget and pick an everyday card that offers smart and flexible overseas spending. The Everyday Global Account does just that. 1 It gives you access to your money anywhere in the world with no overseas ATM or transaction fees, making it budget and spend friendly. So, when the kids are pulling you in every direction and begging for that shiny new toy, the last thing you have to worry about it is where you can get cash out.

The golden 3
Tired. Bored. Hungry. You know them all too well from your kid’s everyday vernacular. But these three will come to the surface in the form of full-blown public tantrums on holidays.

Tired- Moving around is going to have an impact on your little one’s sleep patterns. Before you begin your journey, try to get them into bed early and to follow the same home sleep routine. Where possible also try to book direct flights or take regular stops on road trips.

Bored- Of course there’s always the temptation to pop a screen in front of them and by all means go there when need be. But the great part of travel is that it’s all new and exciting for your kids. Especially when you’ve chosen a kid friendly destination. Pick hotels and destinations with loads of free (or at least affordable) fun activities on offer.

Hungry- Pack loads of snacks. Transit is full of sticky moments when the food options are limited or an hour away. Snacks will keep hunger tantrums at bay.

Pack light
Gone are the days of anything I don’t have, I can just buy. It’ll be costly and time consuming to get new bathers for the whole family if they’ve been forgotten. Involve the family at every stage of the packing planning. Do your research. Google the forecast and pack accordingly. Write a list with your kids and partner. Then stick to it. The last thing you want is to be lugging around extra gear. Lastly, the holy grail of family holiday packing. Baby wipes. For grubby hands, faces, spills and just about anything else you can think of.

And finally. Something a little less tangible. Something that requires a bit more energy. Patience and a regular dose of laughter. Bring this and your family holiday will be more enjoyable and memorable for everyone.



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