Mother nature knows best

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With Airbnb reporting a 700% spike in nature lodge bookings, it’s clear more travellers are leaving the city behind. Here are some of the best experiences nature has on offer.

Walk with nature

A walk on the wild side does wonders. Not to mention, you’ll get to work off that extra scoop. Walking tours are often free, or by donation, and help to orientate you on your first days in a new place. If you prefer to wander solo, choose to take things at your own pace and let nature be your guide. It’ll give you the freedom to take as many or as little stops along the way as you’d like.

Take the plunge

Refresh the mind, invigorate the body. Sure, Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. But no matter where you are, it’s hard to deny the magic of water. You’ll (hardly) ever regret the dips you did take. Even when temperatures are get chilly, throw on that wetsuit and jump in!

National parks

No matter where you are in the world, if there’s a national park, it’s often worth checking out. The grounds are usually bustling with activities. Stay overnight on the campgrounds or simply do a day trip. Get to know the various parks, bush walking tracks, native plants, animals, cultural history and more. Pro tip: pack a hamper of delicious treats to avoid picnic envy.

Keep fit

Who says exercise and holidays don’t mix. Whether it’s a full-blown fitness focus featuring marathons and triathlons, to an adventure holiday on the slopes or the surf. Or even incidental exercise which fits in between those holiday massages. Keeping fit has never been easier when you’re surrounded by some of the best sights in the world and those endorphins are racing.

Immersive accommodation

Take your holiday up a notch and stay in one of these unique and enchanting abodes.

Ryokans or traditional Japanese inns –in a secluded setting, they offer a relaxing and culturally immersive experience including tatami floors, Japanese style baths and cuisine.

Treehouses- Gaining popularity in the United States. Offering a dreamy and romantic experience with total seclusion. Fall asleep in the trees and wake up to the sounds of birds chirping.

Yurts- Traditionally used by nomads in central Asia, but now available around the world. Yurts are a circular style tent covered in felt or skins perfect for outdoors. They’ll offer a minimalist approach to your next nature getaway.

Learn new skills

Always wanted to surf, ski, snorkel? Why not master it on your next outdoor holiday! Walk away from your next holiday not only relaxed but also feeling accomplished. Many holiday destinations offer private lessons, so you can go at a pace that works for you.

Take to the road

You’ve got a ticket to anywhere. With the wind in your hair. And a long dirt road before you. What better way to experience the freedom of the great outdoors than with motorized accommodation. You can get some great deals on RV’s and campervans, just do your research. Many travelers are opting to see nature their way rather than renting homes or staying at motels along the way.

Theme parks can’t compare to what mother nature has on offer. Put away the phone and put on your adventurer hat. Nature beckons.