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5 Minute Read | Author: Milly Rose Bannister

Whether it’s finding the perfect dress or paying for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, shopping overseas sure has its perks.

But how do you know if that purchase, came at an extra cost?

Instafamous traveler and blogger @MillyRoseBannister reveals her 10 best New York purchases and how you too could cash-in on an award-winning travel account.

The 10 best overseas purchases I’ve ever made

Overseas transactions don't have to be scary! These purchases should turn into some of the most memorable experiences of your life! I get it, international borders and currency exchange can make things difficult, maybe even stressful, but it doesn't have to be that way! Recently, I've made a simple switch that's saved me hundreds of dollars in fees and multiple meltdowns abroad. I opened an Everyday Global Account with HSBC, where everything is offered by one multi-currency account, which has a Visa debit card with NO FEES for overseas transactions, ATM withdrawals or transfers between currencies!

More than just a 'travel card', it's a new bank account that you can access anywhere, anytime. I just use the app to transfer my funds into whichever currency I need for hassle-free, immediate access to all the adventures money can buy! Here's some of the best things I've bought so far...

NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION IN THE USA: A simple, recurring monthly payment of $11 opens up a world of limitless entertainment that one cannot fully access in Australia. By subscribing to US Netflix, with a recurring payment directly from my Everyday Global Account (with no extra fees), I was finally able to stream my all-time favourite TV shows like Friends, Greys Anatomy and The Office. This was one of the most comforting things I ever bought abroad!

HELICOPTER TOUR OVER NYC: One simple, online booking payment of $350 (with no overseas fees), lifted me above the city of dreams in a small 4-passenger helicopter, to see the spectacle of New York in all its glory. This was such an iconic and memorable experience for me, one that I could not put a price tag on.

MY CURRENT IPHONE: When my world fell apart (I dropped my phone and broke it), I was able to buy a new iPhone online ($899) and pick it up from the closest Apple Store. I transferred $ directly into my USD wallet at a great rate, to pay for my new phone online with no overseas fees. I’m still using this iPhone today and am so thankful I can pay for large items overseas with no stress or hassle, when unexpected things happen!

CUPCAKE FROM A VENDING MACHINE: Yes you read that correctly, I bought a cupcake (multiple cupcakes and an ice-cream cone for $20) from a vending machine on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. With a simple tap and go experience, I felt like a true local! Buying cupcakes from a 'Cupcake ATM' is a totally normal thing to do in LA.Dreams do come true.

FLIGHT TO HAWAII: My best friend from Australia announced that she would be making a trip to Hawaii. So obviously, I locked in a low-priced a flight from NYC to Hawaii ($400) and paid for it online in $USD (at a great conversion rate), to meet her on the golden beaches of Waikiki, road trip the North Shore drown in Acaí bowls and fresh fruit. Highlight of the year.

IFLY LUGGAGE FROM WALMART: My squeaky little pink roller case that I dragged from Australia, all over the USA just wasn’t doing it for me, so I went to Walmart and found some shiny new hard cover iFly rose-gold suitcases for $59 each! I still use the carry-on every time I travel and I honestly don’t think I’d be able to keep myself together without it.

RENTAL CARS: A purchase many might overlook as ‘boring,’ hiring a rental car online for around $50 a day can be the vehicle you need to take you on the most exciting journey of your life! Through the windows of a rental car I’ve seen Yosemite, Napa Valley, New York, Vermont, Florida and Washington DC. Instead of Ubering or relying on public transport, get behind the wheel (with a license) and take control of your adventure!

TICKET TO COACHELLA: Due to a very serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), I purchased a Coachella ticket ($550) online and didn’t look back. In 3 days of intense festival-ing, I saw my favourite artists (Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, SZA, G-Eazy, Beyoncé, Kygo, The Weekend) and captured MANY fire Instagram photos amongst the vibrant chaos. I was able to transfer $USD prior to the trip at a great rate, then tap and go to pay for things inside the festival, and withdraw cash from the ATMS without incurring extra fees. I still don’t think I’ve recovered 100%, but my wallet has (no scary post-festival fee surprises).

AIRBNBS: For less than you would expect (between $30-$3000 per night), you can become a local for a little while and experience the destination as though you already live there. (I was able to book online with the security of my Everyday Global Account). Sometimes hotels are the answer yes, but in order to achieve a true, native experience, AirBnbs can offer you more than you could ever ask for, often providing more home-style utilities and equipment, great host suggestions and sometimes even your own tour guide. Whether you’re staying alone in a room or with a bunch of friends in a whole house, this accomodation option can provide some of your most memorable moments abroad.

MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE: Possibly the most exciting trip ever booked (at a great conversion rate of $USD4,000), is my upcoming Cruise through the Mediterranean, visiting France and Italy. I will be joining my family (Mum, Dad, 2 brothers) in Rome to begin a journey of priceless memory-making. They say money can’t buy happiness, but this comes pretty close!

With lots more adventures to come, I will be utilising this incredible Everyday Global Account in my pocket to continue my stress-free approach to making purchases abroad, and I couldn't feel more excited.

This post was sponsored by HSBC, however all opinions are 100% my own.

HSBC is the first bank in Australia to offer an all-in-one account with the flexibility of a Multi-Currency Transaction Account, Debit card functionality and everything offered by a multi-currency travel card. There’s NO overseas FEES for transactions, ATM withdrawals or transfers between accounts and the account never expires (unlike a travel card). *Some ATM providers may charge a separate fee.