Travel far and wise

3 Minute Read | Author: Jess

Choosing the right travel card can be a long and tedious process. But if you do your research, you can save yourself a plane-load of fees.

Traveller and blogger Jess Valentine shares with us why she and her hubby choose the HSBC Everyday Global Account as their number one choice for travel transactions.

My husband and I have been travelling the world together for over three years now, and during that time we have been searching for the perfect travel money card.

Gone are the days where people would use traveller cheques. Also, trying to travel with your standard credit card is not a good option – every traveller will agree that international transaction fees along with ATM withdrawal fees are the worst!

Here is why the HSBC Everyday Global Account ticked all of our bucket-list boxes.

No hidden fees.
We just returned from a month long trip through New Zealand, and decided to test out the HSBC Everyday Global Account. We did a lot of research online to find the best travel money card in Australia – and I think we found it.

When choosing your travel card you really need to look out for hidden fees and high charges. After looking into the HSBC Everyday Global Account we found that they have no overseas transaction fees, no overseas ATM fees and allow you to have up to 10 currencies in one account!

It’s your bank account and travel card, in one!
This account is a multi-currency bank account that can be used as your everyday account for depositing your salary and paying bills, but can also be used overseas allowing you to pay like a local – from the one account!

This allowed us to put our pay into the one account and easily change it into New Zealand dollars.

Being able to make fee-free ATM cash withdrawals and shop in store with no overseas transaction fees made our experience travelling abroad so much easier – also this is the first travel card we have used with PayWave!

It’s so easy to use.
First of all we worked out our budget for the New Zealand trip and transferred that amount onto our card using the online HSBC banking app. 

We then decided how much cash we wanted to carry around with us and withdrew money once or twice a week. As there were no ATM withdrawal fees we could have easily taken out money more frequently, however we prefer to travel with as little cash on us as possible.

Being in New Zealand, most places had EFTPOS available, so we simply used PayWave when purchasing food, activities or if we ever went shopping.

Something we loved about our HSBC Everyday Global Account was that it is an actual everyday bank account, rather than a pre-paid travel card. Which means we could use our card for deposits on accommodations, which we would normally have to use our credit card for.

Final thoughts.
This account is perfect for us. Being able to use the HSBC Everyday Global Account at home, as well as overseas is what sold us. One thing we would love to see is more currencies being added to the card in the future, however overall we are so happy we have found something that really works for us and saves us money.

If you’re a keen traveller like Jess, or simply travel for work or the occasional play, apply now for the award winning HSBC Everyday Global Account and see for yourself just how easy overseas transactions can be.


So that the functionality of the Everyday Global Account could be tested by the writer, HSBC deposited AUD1,000 into this Everyday Global Account.  No promise of favourable publicity was made in exchange for the deposit.