Trips, Tips and Tricks

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  1. Make travel a priority

If you want to travel more, you can’t just wish it. You need to want it. That means channelling your focus, energy and, yes, sometimes your money, in the pursuit of making it happen.


  1. Give yourself a break

Travel is tiring. And anything that involves over five hours of flying, driving, training or bussing is exhausting. So do yourself a solid. Plan for a little downtime within the first 12 hours of arriving. Your body will thank you later.


  1. Stay home

Yes. It sounds counterintuitive. But it’s easy to become blind to what you have. And there’s plenty you haven’t done, even in your own backyard. Bonus: it’s close, there’s very little packing, and you definitely won’t suffer jet lag.


  1. Expect different

If you find yourself griping “they don’t do it like this at home”, ask yourself why you’d want it the same anyway. Because one of travel’s best parts is celebrating the differences.


  1. Lose the fees

Let’s face it. You’ve worked hard for your holiday. Really hard. You deserve to spend every cent you’ve sweated for on nice things. Like Mai Tai’s. And Bahama Mama’s. So before you order that poolside cocktail, order yourself an HSBC Everyday Global Account. With no overseas ATM fees1 and no overseas transaction fees, that means more money (and more Mai Tai’s) for you.


  1. Budget? What budget?

Experiences make memories. The kind that last. So don’t hold back from splurging on truly exceptional moments. Doubly so if where you go is the only place in the world you can experience it.


  1. Wake up early

Holidays are for lie-ins and nana-naps, right? Well, they can be. But here’s the rub. You’re also doing what every other traveller does. Waking late. Which means the places you want to go and the things you want to see are crowded. Instead, rise early. You’ll have all the best places practically to yourself.


  1. Look for a local

Want to get under the skin of the place you’re visiting? Talk to a local. This is their hood. These are their streets. They know the best places, the best times to go and the best dishes.


  1. Invest more time in fewer places

It’s tempting to tear through a long list of places to see and things to do. But you may get just as much, if not more, from staying in the same place.


  1. Cover you

No-one ever celebrated buying travel insurance. Until something goes wrong. Yes, you’re paying for something you hope to never use. And that’s the point. It’s an investment to protect what you have.


  1. Go light

Over-packing. We’re all guilty. We start out with nothing but the basics. And then in go a fifth pair of shoes, slippers and a tux. You know, just in case. Instead, select a few, comfortable, versatile basics suited to the climate your off to. And make sure you have one of those outfits in your carry-on should your luggage proper take a walkabout.


  1. Learn a little language

You suck at languages? It doesn’t matter. If all you can master is please, thank you, hello and goodbye, the locals will love you for trying.


  1. Go far, go free

You’d be amazed at how far you can get on very little. Parks. Gardens. Museums. If not always entirely free, most offer heavily discounted sessions. And simply walking the neighbourhood, or taking in a sunset offer experiences to classify under priceless.


  1. Get lost on purpose

You want to see where the real people live, work and play? You need to step out of the tourism bubble and go to where they live. All you need to is pick a direction and start walking. But before you do, be sure to ask a reliable source for watch-outs or known trouble spots.


  1. Good people are everywhere

Travel can be intimidating. Strange places. Strange customs. It’s easy to feel out of your depth. But we’re all human. And the vast majority of us share the same values. We love our children. We care for our elderly. We respect others. So don’t be afraid to make friends.

1No ATM or transaction fees are charged by HSBC or Visa. Some ATM operators and merchants may charge a separate fee.

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