Where Travel is Headed

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From wellness trips to single-parent holidays, economic forces and changing social attitudes are pushing travel to some very surprising places. We reveal a few of the emerging trends.

Meet lesser-known Europe

Plenty have made the pilgrimage to ‘classical’ Europe – Spain, Italy, France, et al. Some even push on a little further – hello Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia. But as Europe continues to suffer from a high-season capacity crunch, many are predicting tourists will push even deeper into Europe’s hitherto hidden corners. Think Belarus, Cyprus, and Latvia.

A break from the past

Think of a family holiday and it’s likely you imagine a stereotype: mum, dad and a clutch of over-excited kids. But with statistics revealing that one-fifth of all Australian families are single parents, it’s not surprising to see a growing demand for holidays that reflect these modern dynamics. Expect the travel industry to catch on quickly.

If you go down to the woods today…

Festooned with fairy lights and nestled in the heart of an Atlanta wood sits a treehouse. The most surprising thing about this quirky 3 bed shack? It was Airbnb’s 2017 most ‘wished-for listing’. And it’s not the only one. Searches and bookings for treehouse hotels have soared in recent years as travellers yearn for whimsical stays – trips that connect us to nature and help us disconnect from our frenetic lifestyles.

Eat the world

One of the quickest ways to understand a culture is to know its food. And as palettes expand at home, more travellers are using trips as an excuse to dig deeper. Some even make food the main course of their trip. Whether it’s food festivals, farm-stays with culinary masterclasses or city tours centred around it’s gastronomic scene, tourists are salivating at the prospect of having holidays served on a plate.

Winter is so hot

Holidays. A time for sun, sand, blue skies and swaying palms, right? Not so fast. More and more holiday makers are putting their summer travel plans on ice in favour of winter experiences, thrilled rather than deterred by colder temps. The growing popularity of winter festivals, ice hotels, ice fishing, glacier watching and wolf spotting alongside the perennial faves of ski and snowboard holidays is proof that feeling frosty is so hot.


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