A five-minute morning routine to power your day

3 Minute Read | Author: Amy Cooper

Set yourself on a productive course before you even emerge from the doona.

When it comes to success, mornings are magic. The majority of the world's high achievers claim their first actions of the day set them up for success. In the US, Hal Elrod’s bestseller The Miracle Morning has devotees claiming its pre-8am regime has transformed their lives. It's based on a mix of exercise, reflection, writing and reading – all geared towards maximising your potential in the hours to come.

Here in Australia, success coach Muffy Churches agrees that what you do and think as soon as you wake up can make all the difference to the working day ahead. Her tips are simple, do-able in five minutes and – best of all – you can follow them from under the doona, before you even poke a toe out of bed.


  1. Let the love flow

As soon as you wake up, take a few moments to dwell on all that’s good in your life: the sunshine outside, how much you love your partner, the small, simple things that bring you pleasure. There’s a scientific reason, says Churches. “It sets up positive hormones and chemistry in your body, giving you the best start to the day.”


  1. Rehearse your day

Next, it’s time to start directing the movie of your day. “Scan your day,” says Churches. “Where will you be, what will you do, who will you engage with? Plan the ideal outcome of all of these, and how you’d like to feel. Run the dialogue. It’s as if you’re writing your own script ahead of time.”


  1. Talk it through

Choose phrases that picture how you want the day to unfold. They can cover any area – health, work, relationships – and the more specific they are, the more effective they’re likely to be. “You might say: ‘I choose to remain calm and objective under pressure at today’s meeting,’ for example,” says Churches. “Say the phrases over and over. It’s as if you’re programming yourself.”


  1. Meditate on it

Make yourself comfortable, close out the external world and tune into your intuition. Seeking stillness and peace over a morning’s typical initial onslaught of hectic thoughts and fast activity makes a wonderful difference to your focus and mindset. “You only need 60 seconds to make a positive difference to your state of mind and you can do this in bed, too,” says Churches.


  1. Get up and create

One you're out of bed, adding a quick hit of creativity to your morning will turn on the creative right hemisphere of your brain. “Read, draw or paint, sing, play the piano,” says Churches. She recommends a mini learning session, too. “I like to take 30 seconds for something educational such as a webinar or video.” In Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning, he recommends writing your journal or diary at the start of the day rather then last thing at night when you might be too tired to string the words together. Transferring thoughts out of your head and onto paper can provide valuable insights into problems, patterns and emotions.