Boost your performance: How the Wallabies use wellness

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Elite sportspeople push and train their bodies to the limit of human capability. In competition, where the difference between victory and defeat can be measured in millimetres or milliseconds, it’s essential that competitor’s minds and muscles are optimised so that no opportunity is missed.

In rugby, the athletes of the Australian Wallabies are at the top of their game, balancing strenuous gym sessions and combative drills with crucial periods of recovery. This is crucial because without giving their bodies the opportunity to heal and rebuild, players run the risk of performing poorly or worse, becoming injured.

At the core of this recovery and rebuilding phase are the most basic concepts of wellness which unsurprisingly, don’t only work for athletes, but can be applied to everyday living for us too. As part of the HSBC’s sponsorship of the Wallabies, Haydn Masters, the Head of Athletic Performance, shares his tips on how everyone can benefit from the basics of sleep and nutrition in their daily life in these videos.

Haydn shares how the Wallabies uses wellness and “bio-hacking” to achieve their potential 

Haydn gives HSBC his take on how anybody can train like a Wallaby 

Haydn tells HSBC how using SMART goal-setting can have a positive impact in every aspect of your life